Out-Grow LLC is the internet's top leader in premade mushroom substrates, mushroom growing media and mushroom cultivation supplies. We started Out-Grow in 2009 and have since grown into a leading distributor for mushroom cultivation supplies

Out-Grow has invested thousands of dollars and hours into our production equipment, our own warehouse and an industrial kitchen capable of over 1.4 million BTU’s of pure propane power. We use this equipment to make over 1000lbs of mushroom substrate every weekday. That is over 2 tons of mushroom substrate a week!

Out-Grow LLC offers over 200 gourmet and medicinal mushroom cultures and our online library is always growing. Out-Grow is continually working on improving the bio-efficiency of our mushroom cultures through isolation of superior genetics. This is NOT genetic modification, rather we use the best genetics possible already in the culture. Not only does this increase the yields of your harvest it also helps to ensure quick consistent spawn runs.

Out-Grow LLC provides the highest quality mushroom substrates and mushroom growing kits available online.  With over a decade of mushroom substrate formulations and cultivation experience Out-Grow has your mushroom cultivation needs covered!


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